Today we live in a cashless digital society & the need for charities
to adapt to the changing tides is more prevalent than ever.

Giving comes in many forms.

Australians have differing discretionary amounts of money, time, goods and services to donate, so people give according to their means. This has had a profound effect on philanthropic giving in the community due to the rising cost of living and tax.

People are time poor, emotionally exhausted and mentally distracted.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. In a tap & go world, Purpose Giving is an empowering process for both the giver & the recipient.

Each decision to give has the influence to bring about change, not by chance, but by choice.

At IM Caring we step up to direct your giving in the most effective way possible. The IM Caring NPO is solely run by volunteers and we are proudly supported by local businesses, who enable us to keep our advertising and printing costs to a bare minimum.

We know that each donation is given in trust and confidence.

We respect the fact that hard work has goes behind each dollar donated. Therefore we value each dollar and use it in the most transparent, cost-effective way.

We believe in making each dollar count, not counting the dollars.

Strength in numbers comes when a community bands together to be a force of influence.

IM Caring uses your gifts of goods, services and finance to influence change in each life, each family, each generation.

Can't give, but would like to volunteer...

As Aussies we have a phenomenal volunteering culture. There is something about helping others out.

At IM Caring we rely heavily on that generous spirit that us Aussies have in lending a hand.

It can be so rewarding.



Where does my donation go?
Our Christmas appeal goes directly to helping the underprivlidged in Brisbane. That is represented in a variety of ways. It looks like providing meals to the homeless. Providing small gifts to children and supporting single parents with food hampers.
Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes! All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.
Who is behind IM Caring?
Great question.

IM Caring has been in operation since 2005 serving the local community within Brisbane. and is a registered charity that operates under the direction of CEO Jozefa Hoffmann.

Each year, Jozefa rallies a group of volunteers to serve the local inner city suburbs of Brisbane through connecting businesses to be the hands and feet of this precious city.

How does one volunteer?
Volunteering can be represented in a variety of ways. It may be in ways of connecting with businesses to raise funds or offer services, to preparing meals, delivering hampers or gifts to families.
My business has a service that can help
That is awesome. We encourage you to connect with us to see how we can work together. Give us a call – 0417 789 464

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Together we can make a difference in making our society a safer and prosperous place for the marginalised in our city

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