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2021 Christmas Appeal

IM Caring is about reaching the local community with practical support.

For over a decade we have worked with local businesses and together we make a dynamic impact on the lives of the genuinely disadvantaged over Christmas and beyond. With their contributions we successfully reach those hurting, broken lives and give them “Christmas”.

Each year we have found that those in the community, who for various reasons, have found themselves in genuine dire straits, are deeply touched that there are those who show they care through their giving.

These people are not looking for handouts but to engage, with support, to change their personal circumstances. Often they in turn become volunteers in the very support groups that have helped them.
Christmas can be a very lonely time for many. Our gifting makes a dynamic difference to the way they experience Christmas.  The people groups, we are effecting in a very positive way at Christmas and beyond.
Youth in emergency & crisis

Spouse & children of prison inmates

Women of domestic violence

Women experiencing mental illness, financial hardship, relationship breakdown

Individuals in alcohol and drug rehabilitation.

Single women, aged 18 and over, who have an intellectual disability, and who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness.
Single women with an intellectual disability parenting with support, and those children are often in care.

Families, where one or both parents, have an intellectual disability.

People of various ages, whose lives have been trapped in the cycle of addiction now making good choices and moving into a bright healthy and new future with support.




Without participating businesses in the community we could never reach as many as we do reach. See how your business can make a significant difference in the lives of hundreds of individuals. We are so very thankful for the businesses that have supported IM Caring over the past 13 years.


Mi Color Salons is a very proud supporter of the IM Caring Charity. The IM Caring team do amazing work with supporting vulnerable survivors of domestic violence in our community and we will continue to encourage others to help them provide this invaluable and critical service.


Megan & Adam Johnson

Mi Color Salons

We’ve been proud supporters of IM Caring for over 10 years and to see the work they are doing in the local community is something we truly believe in.

Jennifer Lockley

Teneriffe Realty

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